EU Referendum: UK to exit but EPCs to remain

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[dropcap color=”” boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”50%” class=”” id=””]Rs[/dropcap] With a somewhat unexpected result in the EU Referendum, to exit the European Union, questions are now being asked as to the immediate impact and future implications on the property market and the Energy Performance Certificate industry.   National Energy Services; home of NHER and SAVA, have provided a statement in light of the recent vote.

An extract from the NES Statement on the EU Referendum – 27th June 2016:
“Firstly, what will be the impact on the number of property transactions that will trigger an EPC? Whilst there is a lot of uncertainty there does seem to be a consensus that property transactions will reduce for a period of time.

Secondly, what will be the impact on the regulatory drivers that require an EPC to be produced? EPCs are now part of UK regulation and help UK government fulfil their own domestic energy policy. So we are confident that EPCs will be required in the long term – indeed NES has been in the business since 1983 undertaking energy ratings and that predated the EPBD by at least 20 years.”

We, Redhouse Surveyors, would concur with this statement, in that we expect some hesitation from home / building owners to bring their properties to the market while such economic uncertainty prevails, but also hopeful that, with some clear and decisive action from the government, future stabilisation of the markets will provide confidence to property owners.

To view the full NES statement please click here.

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